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Deer Stalking Syndicate

Deer Stalking Syndicate UK

Join our deer stalking syndicate for only £750 and gain access to over 100'000 acres of land throughout the UK.

As one of the largest deer stalking syndicates in the UK, this joining fee also gives you access to pigeon shooting, driven walked-up shooting, and rough shooting outings at no extra costs.

With our syndicate, you can participate in various deer stalking activities, from walking stalks and lowland drives to high-seat hunting. We also provide access to expertly trained guides who are experienced and knowledgeable about the local environment.


Professional Deer Stalking Guidance 

If you are new to deer stalking, we can help you gain all the necessary qualifications needed to take up deer stalking as a hobby or a profession.

You may wish to shoot unaccompanied, but starting out, you must learn all the necessary safety aspects and techniques to hunt deer in the proper manner.

Our qualified, experienced professionals are here to guide you at a range of deer stalking sites across the UK. We will cover all the basics with you, from gun handling, safety measures and hunting techniques.

You will learn about different deer species in our stunning countryside and learn a new craft which will rapidly enhance your development as a professional hunter.


Complete a Deer Stalking Qualification

Through our syndicate, you can also take your DSC1 and DSC2 courses, allowing you to hunt deer professionally and earn a return on your investment. We encourage all our members to gain deer stalking qualifications, and it will progress your personal development in the field.

You will learn much tradecraft in the field, and taking these qualifications will expand your knowledge of deer stalking further. We will start at the very beginning, from references to gaining your gun license right through to being a fully licensed deer stalker. From here, you can enjoy deer stalking for sport or help with the conservation of the species, helping farmers and landowners regulate and control deer populations.

Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience each time you go out hunting. Our goal is to ensure the longevity of Deer Stalking by educating our members on the importance of conservation and wildlife management.

We believe that deer stalking should be sustainable; you will be taught all the ethical considerations regarding a stalk and also become knowledgeable on when and where you can legally stalk deer.


Deer Stalking Syndicate Membership Benefits

Once you join our deer hunting syndicate, you will receive many benefits. You will have access to land across the country, from muntjac stalking in the Cotswolds to Red deer stalking in the Scottish highlands.

You can partake in deer stalking competitions with other syndicate members and pick up trophy fees on any successful outings.

Whether you hunt alone, with syndicate members or even with a friend, you will have easy access to our land and some of the best deer grounds in the UK.

Through our syndicate, the deer stalking membership also grants you access to our rough shooting and game bird locations completely free of charge.


Free Fly Fishing Course

All our Deer stalking members get access to a free fly fishing course at a pristine river in the UK. Here, our anglers will teach you everything you need to know, and the price of one of our fly fishing courses is over £300, which you get completely free of charge.


Money Towards Your DCS1 and DCS2 License

We give all members £50 towards both their DSC1 and DSC2 deer stalking certificates. As well as advanced deer stalking training we encourage and help every member to take these examinations and collect their professional deer stalking licenses.

You can come to Shooting SH as a complete novice, and as part of our syndicate, you will become an experienced deer stalker and have the opportunity to gain some amazing experiences in the most pristine countryside in the UK.


Discounted Deer Stalking Gear

Our members also benefit from discounts on deer stalking gear. From camouflage suits to mobile high seats, we have access to some of the leading suppliers of deer stalking equipment in the UK, and all our members can access discounted prices on a huge variety of gear.

You will get to try out a variety of scopes and devices that help raise your game in our syndicate, and once you have decided on your preferred kit, these discounts help you acquire the items that work best for you and your developing technique.


Deer Stalking in Multiple UK Locations

When you join our Deer hunting syndicate, you will have access to over 100'000 acres of land throughout the UK for deer stalking. As one of the largest Deer stalking syndicates in the UK we are sure to have land near you to enjoy a great day out deer stalking.

We have land available to access in the following areas:

  • Leicestershire
  • Lancashire
  • Norfolk
  • Somerset
  • Northamptonshire
  • Herefordshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Warwickshire
  • Wiltshire
  • Sussex
  • Yorkshire
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Bristol
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland


Huge Variety of Deer

We are open to beginners and also experienced Deer Stalkers. We provide accompanied Deer stalks to novices and beginners, and experienced Deer stalkers can also hunt solo or with a friend. On our land, you will find a huge variety of Deer at different locations throughout the UK, including:

You can keep the Vension you shoot or also sell on the carcass for a set fee depending on the hunt location.

To enquire about joining our syndicate simply fill out the form above or call Bob on 07795214934.

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