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Yes only if you attend walked up shoot x 8 free in walked up costs £20 for keeper tip - 4 other days Angelsey. 2 free and 2 @ If you go to Northampton for geese or duck flight or pigeon pay £45.00 and claim back £25.00 from HQ. Angelsey private cost is £285)You have 2 days free in membership and 2 days @£135.00 so a high quality day for a fraction of the cost. Then we have Boundary days on mainland cost 2 free rest @£150 a day x 10 days.
There is no limit on booking visit’s. Just ensure you know what is free and has a cost.
No to rough shoots, but walked up's yes a fee of £100 applies and a bird cost cost of £10.00 on top for kills still cheap considering its £35 a bird here
Yes but firstly check out your CD information on each shoot and phone to make sure with HQ.
Yes BASC or Countryside Alliance or other organisation, insurance is required and a copy must be provided to HO on application.
Yes as long as they are under control.
Yes, there is a designated parking area when booking, the farmer will advise just don’t
block gateways or other entrances and shut gates behind you.
No its yours for the day solely, for safety reasons double check with farmer & HQ


Yes, Firstly we have to protect our land and maintain a sensible stock of Deer that we can cull every year. And its important you report deer kills and there condition every time. and complete an internal form supplied to you even if its a no show.
You can take a guest only with HO approval and only once per annum and you may share a rifle and he has to use your rifle allocation on the ground that day the member needs to ensure he has a dated letter allowing spouse/friend/relative to shoot on his membership.
You may visit any stalks we have current to ensure the cull we do is effective, or stalks obtained in the future this applies to all syndicate members on a book and go.
Report to HO all deer shot sex age and head approximate weights species. what happened to carcass, condition etc.
It varies per stalk venison subject to the information given on your ‘deer stalking areas sheet’ generally its all covered in your annual fee and we run a refund side.
Yes, but only on some stalks which we class as subsidized/refundable and the normal way is for the stalker accompanying the member to be paid directly by the member its easier for managing and you re-claim costs back: the member then will receive in 14-21 days the apportioned fee or whatever is designated for that specific stalk.
Yes that's correct and also for additional weapons required for larger deer etc. You will be allowed to name the land, we do not charge a fee for this service it’s a membership no cost service.
No, as long as you have experience and can prove this, and also if a beginner to stalking we will consider you as long as you agree to a coaching/mentoring scheme which we will enter you for, some small extra cost is involved for other people's time and training.
As at 10 Yes we provide a training platform for you, and we have accredited witnesses within our membership who will assist anyone wishing to move up the ladder.
Yes we have a list of members you can speak to anyone I suggest picking guys who go out on a regular basis
Around 15 years now and we have a number of members who have been with us over 14 years who continue to renew year in year out we also get old members re-joining us which is nice as it shows we are a decent operation.


We have 8 days at Corwen usually 25-45 birds pheasant duck and woodcock snipe etc all we ask is you give Dave the farmer a tip of 10-20 pounds it goes to feed for the birds and fuel for the quad bike. Usually 4-6 guns turn up its a great day. 2 days in Angelsey.
Yes if you take up the free days on Angelsey 2 per season (usual cost is £285.00 per day so a real bargain in membership but you will need to fit into a team of guns dates are advised first come first serve. Please pay my Keeper Steve Armsden £20.00 tip.
Yes we have access to the moor 5000 acres. Usually we are a mix of club and private guns as the cost is expensive for shoot days x 3 so we need to re-coup costs to cover same. I expect £25 for the day from club members towards up- cost.
This is a great chance to get fresh ground woodcock and snipe oriented, we have plenty of pheasant on this ground if you want to shoot here though its £50.00 for half a day as we would shoot the tastier bits of our own ground and then pm do the new ground on the Bettws GG shoot as arranged with the owner and keeper.


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