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Training Courses

We have available a range deer stalking qualifications and other training services provided to our syndicate members by our stalking managers.

Deer Stalking Certificate 1 (DSC1)

The DSC1 is the introductory, classroom based, nationally recognised deer stalking qualification which introduces the novice stalker to deer identification, deer ecology and management, meat hygiene regulations, firearms and firearm safety, shooting technique and the law as it relates to stalking activities.

There are a number of good reasons and benefits for taking the DSC1. Firstly, it provides participants with the skills and knowledge they need to stalk deer successfully. Secondly, it helps to build confidence in those who take the course, giving them the ability to safely and confidently pursue deer in the field.

Thirdly, although not essential, it is often a prerequisite qualification demanded by Police Firearms departments before they will permit a firearm to be authorized for deer stalking. Fourthly, many deer guides and landowners will insist the client possesses the DSC1 qualification and suitable insurance before they will agree to allow the individual out stalking as it demonstrates a minimum level of competence and knowledge.

How Much Are The Courses? are able to provide its members with in-house DSC1 training. The course cost is £300 per person. This includes all learning materials - DSC1 manual, Deer identification DVD and Gralloching DVD. It also includes a one day range session and registration for the DSC1 exam.

For experienced stalkers who just wish to take the DSC1 exam with no other teaching support the cost is £175.

Where Are The Courses Held?

The DSC1 course is run online over 6x 2.5-hour sessions using Teams - one session a week on a weekday evening from 7 pm.

This saves you time and money on traveling and hotel bills. The maximum number of participants is 10 per course. Courses are run throughout the year when there is sufficient demand.

The course also includes a 1-day session at an indoor 100m rifle range where you can practice the shooting test with your own rifle or with one provided by the instructor.

The DSC1 examination is an all-day event held in Monmouth and includes 3 written papers, a deer identification test, a shooting test, and a safety test. If you pass all sections of the exam you are awarded the DSC1.

If you fail any section of the exam these can be retaken at another exam session within 3 years.

How to Apply?

To register you interest in taking the full DSC1 course or just the exam, contact Mike on 07831 098490.

DSC2 Courses

The DSC2 course is a practical assessment of the stalker’s ability to safely and successfully conduct a stalk, shoot and gralloch a deer and transport the carcass hygienically to a suitable carcass storage facility.

This qualification is intended for experienced stalkers only, ie. individuals who shoot deer regularly and are competent in how to gralloch a deer and wish to sell or pass the carcass into the human food chain.

This is not a taught assessment, the Approved Witness cannot assist the student in any aspect of the assessment.

To undertake a DSC2 qualification, you first have to register with an appropriate awarding body (BASC, BDS, NGO) and then nominate an Approved Witness who will shadow you on your stalk, observe and write up all aspects of stalk and gralloch.

If successful, the next and final stage is a telephone conversation with an external examiner on all aspects of the gralloch and meat hygiene. Once registered you have 3 years in which to conduct a successful stalk and gralloch.

Our trainer Mike is an approved witness for the DSC2 and can witness your stalk and gralloch for the qualification. If you are interested in using Mike as your Approved Witness please contact him on  07831 098490 for more information.

Shotgun Training

We also run an in house  2 day shotgun course to improve your safety, etiquette, shooting ability and general knowledge of how to go forward for a safe hunting future.

Butchery Courses

Our butchery courses include on-the-ground training by quailfied stalkers leading to DSC 1/2 qualifications which can be held by a number of our stalk managers in house.

JUST ASK FOR DETAILS - we will send A4 PDF file with neccesary contact details or print from the web site. 


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